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Very nice.

Looks pretty decent and kinda reminds me of Soul Calibor. But Theres only two problems I see and it's the sound is kinda loud compared to the music and the music just cuts off with a big notice, So just try lowering the sound and maby give my song a good old fade out and then it would be a solid 10. But other than that great job keep it up and thanks alot for the using my song ;)

Slicing-Claws responds:

Thanks man and no problem, but yea I became lazy with the sound lol sorry about that.

But glad you liked it and thanks for the review!

Neat ;)

Wow must of taken a while to do that, Great job keep it up ;)

Sidorio responds:

And I couldn't have done it without concerning those hobbits.

Pretty good..

The movie was pretty good but my music was overlapping each part of the song witch kinda messed it up you should try fixing that and it would be sweet ;)

TheartistArtist responds:

ok thx BTW this is my first movie and it wass like a Prologue for a series i planned sooo that could be some reasons

Lol very nice...

The robo dudes reminded me of them power rangers lol, Also it had a great setup.

d-z responds:

Thanks man!

lol I knew that was coming!

You should put the Exircis in it next time lol...

Lantay77 responds:

I dont think I will be making another video like this, but who knows!

This was slick!

I really liked this movie alot too cool!

Kenzu responds:

I tried to make it in a way so that everyone likes it!

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