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Hello everyone

2008-06-19 18:33:27 by JakesFable

Well I have a decent idea of a song I should start making and later Im going to get right to it, so hope you all look forward to it ;)


2008-04-30 18:21:08 by JakesFable

W000000000T!!!! Tomarro will be a year since I have joined Newgrounds!!! Thanks to Tom Fulp and all the website creators, It's been an awesome year here!!! Oh and I can't forget my reviewers you were the ones who kept me going really thanks you guys!!! <3


New song coming soon!!!

2008-01-29 18:36:01 by JakesFable

You all are probley wondering why I havent uploaded anything in a while.... Well im working on a song right now and I think it might be my best creation yet! Havent got a name for it yet but it's sounding just fantastic in my opinion! But im only 46% done with it so it might take me a bit of time to finish it and come up with some cool ending parts and stuff... and also my other song ~bass tester (loop)~ was just a test for some bass for this song so dont put it down so much please. Also im needing some opinons here about what this big part should be like in the middle of the song... Do you want it to sound like...
1. Hardcore_Zombies?...
2. {"Twilight-Dreaming"} (Remix)?...
4. 99-Pianos of Chaos 1 or 2?...
5. The Lost Temples of Hells Death?...
6. Or any other song I have?...

Please post here for your opinion.
Hope everyone is looking forward to listening to it ;)

I see alot of you are injoying one of my latest song -_Halo1 Dark Theme_-, Id really wanna thank all of you for your supporting it and also if you havent listened to it come on over and review, rate and enjoy because id like all the "NEWGROUNDS PEOPLE" to hear it and review it and its also free as use to be used in anyones flash just remember use my name in the credits for audio authors.

All should listen to -_Halo1 Dark Theme_- I need more opinions about it, Everyone will be aprieciated for there true comments

Does anyone like my greatest classical rock song {"Twilight-Dreaming"} (Remix}?

Hello Ppls

2007-08-27 21:49:50 by JakesFable

Finally 2 songs of mine have been used in a movie and game!
Oh yea I was wondering if anyone would like to listen to Hardcore_Zombies or "Twilight-Dreaming" and see your opinions for em, If you want just want post here or review them, Thanks!

Hello Ppls

Well im still sorta getting use to the newground but it has attracted alot more people though.
Also I really need more listeners and reviewers for my songs.

Still getting use to this bigger and better newgrounds world.