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I have never wanted to stab my self in the face so hard before listening to your song, however now that I'm on the verge of death I'm starting to appreciate your song immensely.

This is wack.... but if you want to listen to something good come and check out my newest track I coll-abed with on tootsie10.

Very catchy! :D

Inna way this one reminded me of your Space Pirates not sure why, but I loved how it made put an image in my head of a guy running through town all happy with his suitcase in his hands having a normal great life with a giant smile on his face and mustache. Haha me and my imagination :P But anyways great job keep it up! :D


I see how it kinda sounds like Harry Potter with the little Flute solo around 46 seconds. But by far greatly orchestrated, not too often I hear music like this other from MaestroRage bein this great. You did such a great job! Keep it up because I would love to hear more from ya! :)

Absolutly amazing!

The faded tremolo triplets with the drums and hats created an absolute epic guitar melody and also sounds like it would be really fun to play to in Guitar Hero or Rock band. You did some damn good justice with this one man that it gave me goosebumps which is quite impressive to do for me haha, Also I really like the wolf howling sound effects around the end of the song, ends it really well and mysterious-like. Great job man, will be looking forward to listening to some more of your stuff!

Burn7 responds:

Hehe... I'm glad you noticed the trips! It's the thing that makes the song special for me :)

I'm glad you liked it overall though, thanks! :DDD

Hell yeah!!

Elderscrolls has always been amazing.. This Theme did really stick out with the Morrowind theme song. Amazing, Thanks for sharing man!

Don't let them Zero bombers get you down! :D

You are doing great! I love the melody to this song, but for some reason in the weirdest way it reminds me of Paper Mario, haha :P Great job man keep doing your thing! :)

DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks :)

Catchy as heck! Aha :D

This song just made me wanna get up and start dancing! I'm not much of Trance fan but this one is fantastic! Great job, I'd love to hear more from ya for sure! :)

Defiantly sounds epic!

Great flow and adrenaline running through this one! Defiantly sounds like Paragonx9's style! :D

An Absolute Masterpiece Found at Last...

This was totally unexpected for me to hear in the Newgrounds audio portal.. This was by far outstanding. Everything in this song reminds of movie and this just surpasses the barrier of incredible for me. Amazing is just all I have to finish this review with Peter..

I have officially left Newgrounds for lift off to bigger and better things in life. After being a part of the site for almost 7 years I can say my experience was nothing short of a great amount of enjoyment. Maybe one day I shall return.. Thank you all!

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