Entry #17

Just thought I'd post my stats :)

2011-11-07 00:57:59 by JakesFable

November 6th 2011

JakesFable Newgrounds Hits

Song Listens: 280,673

Song Downloads: 28,546

Song Votes: 24,182

Song Reviews: 1,184

Song Likes: 905

Profile Likes: 156

Songs Submitted: 61

Flashes Submitted: 0

Art Submitted: 0


Sign-up Date: 4/1/07

Level: 27

Experience: 7,830

Experience Rank #: 2,656

Saves: 2,350

Blams: 6

Rank: Police Captain

Rank #: 3,346

Voting Power: 6.87 votes

Whistle Status: Garbage

Flash Reviews: 50

Music Reviews: 277

BBS Posts: 4

Trophies: 0


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2011-11-07 01:03:48

Do you blindly vote 5 on everything or do you just choose not to blam anything?

JakesFable responds:

I usually vote on the stuff I like and never bother with the trash, that's probably why I haven't blamed many Flashes.


2011-12-11 17:41:33

Just looked at the response to my review i left a few months ago and had to mention my username is daggerfalll. When did you take morrowind? Wish I jumped on it when it became available :/

JakesFable responds:

No way? When did you change that?


2011-12-11 17:41:56

On runescape, that is.


2011-12-13 20:19:16

Just last week on my pure. It does have 3 l's and isn't a very popular game, but I'm glad you like it ;o