5 bomber. :)

2011-07-31 02:21:36 by JakesFable

Hey I'm just letting you all know I'm a 5 bomber and I am willing to review any of your stuff. If you want me to 5 your stuff or whatever I would be more then happy to. :) If I do I would appreciate a review and an opinion or two. Thank you guys for the support! :D

5 bomber. :)


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2011-07-31 08:53:37

Hmm... I'd be afraid incase you 0 bombed my stuff instead

JakesFable responds:

I only rate stuff a 0 if its stolen or just nonsense.


2011-08-03 21:05:08

Blam/Save whores fucking suck. At least take the time to write a constructive review or know what you're watching/playing/listening to before rating.

JakesFable responds:

Fo sho!


2011-08-06 21:00:43

RAte mine 5 if u think they are good enough.

JakesFable responds:

Alright man!


2011-09-04 11:50:01

I kind of feel bad about whoring out my songs, but could you take a listen to this one?
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/440753

JakesFable responds:

Oh its no problem man :) I'll go check it out